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The first pasta production workshop was opened in 1827 in Sansepolcro (Tuscany) and the tradition has been handed over generations until today.
From 1930s portfolio also includes rusks, crostini and melba toast, together with regional specialities, egg pasta and high-fibre pasta.
Italian traditions, attention to food requirements, authenticity and innovation have been the hallmark of Buitoni products from the beginning; nowadays, this brand means Italian-style to Italian and foreign consumers.

Buitoni’s strongest point stands in the main ingredient: durum wheat from Puglia, which enables pasta to stay firm during cooking and gives it the flavour that makes Italian pasta stand out from others.

Thanks to passion for its own products and international perspective, strengthened by 130 years of experience in the export business, Buitoni is one of the best-known Italian brands in the world, now distributed in over 50 countries.

Main products are:

– Durum wheat semolina and dry long, short, soup and mini pasta;
– Whole wheat pasta;
– Bronze-die pasta;
– Egg pasta (lasagna sheets, tagliatelle and others);
– Rusks (with and without sugar, organic and others);
– Bread substitutes, melba toast;

Plants, some numbers:
– Sansepolcro (Tuscany), 13 production lines, with production capacity of 90.000 tons;
– Eboli (Campania), 5 production lines, with production capacity of 70.000 tons;
– Cremona (Lombardy), 6 production lines, with production capacity of 90.000 tons;

– Eboli (Campania), 800 tons per day
– Bologna (Emilia Romagna), 500 tons per day

Pasta Reggia – Pastificio Antonio Pallante

Situated in Caserta, near Naples and Salerno ports, the Pastificio Antonio Pallante was founded in 1949 by Pallante family.
The business has been handed over generations and today the third one is managing the Company.
Mission is to provide a good quality product on competitive prices. This is possible thanks to an accurate selection of mix of grains that takes into consideration raw materials characteristics, traditional methods, know-how and the advanced technologies.

Some numbers:
– 25.200 sq. meters in total;
– 17.743 sq. meters indoor;
– 290 tons per day as production capacity, thanks to semolina selection and combination of tradition and technologies.

Pastificio Antonio Pallante is present in the market with its own brand and under Private Labels (like Fontana Vecchia) as well , producing 64 different cuts of pasta: long, short and special, in different sizes. The plant counts 5 production lines and 13 automated packing lines for pillow and double bottom packs.

Main Customers belong both to local market and foreign one, as retail chains and food industries.

Selva Gida San. As

Selva Food Industry, established in 1988, is a part of Ittifak Holding. The Group was established to collect several entrepreneurs, expanding and diversifying in many areas: manufacturing, service and construction groups.

In 1998, Selva carried its experience into semolina and pasta production with a policy of no concessions from quality and flavour.
Production capacity is 210 tons per day and production lines, Italian technologies, are entirely controlled via computer system. On the other hand, German Bosch technologies manage packing lines.
Quality controls of products are carefully realized in the high technologically equipped laboratories, to guarantee highest standards to all Selva’s Customers.
International quality certifications as ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 do guarantee these quality standards.

Good to know:
– Selva is in top 5 companies in pasta and packed flour industry
– Selva is the leader company in Turkey for its number of pasta species
– 100% Natural and healthy production
– Export over 80 countries in 5 continents
– Branded Pasta export leader company in Turkey for 8 years (2007-2014)