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Italian Wines

We are producers of Valpolicella wines and we distribute wines from other Italian regions as well, such as Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Abruzzi, Tuscany, Apulia, Sicily and Campania, in response to the requirements of the modern international export market

We bring together the experience of highly respected winemakers and the efficiency of a multilingual sales structure, very organized and dynamic.

Our Main Wine Suppliers

Our Own Brands

Granvilla Wines


Granvilla through an experienced team is selecting wines from Italy, France and Spain emphasizing their typical character, international taste, attractive packaging and the best price value.
We also offer marketing solutions and logistics assistance worldwide.

GranVilla means:

  • Wine artists
  • Fine italian wines
  • The best prices value
  • Service avaible wordlwide
  • Logistic assistence


The winemaking tradition of Granvilla comes from the Cracco family since the 18th century. High professionalism and search for quality, as well as entrepreneurial spirit, were the features that distinguished Francesco Cracco (born in 1799), that started the link with the land in the Veneto region and the direct production of wines and food.

The values of Cracco family from Valdagno, in the north Italian province of Vicenza, continued from generation to generation until present time when (a Francesco’s descendant) Dr. Alberto Cracco, thanks to his management skills and a 20 year work experience abroad, established the Company Granvilla to bring all over the world the excellence of the European wines.
In this action, Dr. Alberto Cracco is helped by Dr. Paolo Grigolli, the renowned and highly respected enologist in Verona, in charge of Granvilla’s constant product quality improvement through control of viticulture, vinification and bottling.